(X)1. Wildcard. Create any set you want. There are no rules, so long as your set is inspired by your book. 
(X)2. Review. Give a short synopsis of your book, then explain what it is you love about it.
(X)3. Title your set : Title, GENRE / BL Round 8
Extra Points :
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In this book we focus on Tris Prior and how her life changed drastically in a matter of seconds, as she goes from being a boring girl from abnegation, to a dauntless daredevil with more than one secret.
She has many choices to make and people to choose; her family? or her faction? her friends? or herself?

I love divergent because i LOVE science fiction books and this one shows the truth that some people can't seem to face; no matter how hard we try, nobody is perfect.
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