How To Make A Old Shirt Into A Tank Top

- Old tee
- Scissors
- Chalk (optional)

Step One (optional): 
Take the chalk and make an arch, like a rainbow, at the bottom of your shirt. Make sure that you don't make a very tall one; make it just so it goes up at a slowly increasing rate. Next, make lines where the sleeves of you t-shirt are now. If it's a large t-shirt, maybe start at the armpit and work your way up to the top. End the line about half way through the shoulder of the shirt. And, lastly, mark a curved line for the neck. Make this one MUCH deeper than the one at the bottom, but don't go too far or you might end up exposing your bra after you cut.

Step Two:
Try on the shirt. If you did Step One, make sure you like where you have marked lines. If not, you can try again by patting the the t-shirt hard, and the chalk will come up. If you skipped Step One, this will just give you a visual of where you should cut. 

Step Three:
It's time to cut! After you've taken the shirt off, (make sure it's right-side-out!) lay it out flat on just about any smooth surface. If you used chalk, follow the lines. If not, time to free-hand this. Remember how the t-shirt looked on. Cut where you think it would be appropriate. When cutting ALL of it, make sure both layers (front and back of the shirt) is included. 

Step Four:
Almost done! Try it on again and make sure it looks like you want it to. If not, time to cut some more. If yes, then you're done.

Happy crafting!♥

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