Hey girlies, it's Lauren! This was requested by @seddie

So this camera is super super cute, and it's recycling! Go green, yeah! lol. I wasn't actually sure how to make this, but I'll try my best :)

What you'll need:

> Empty Arizona Green Tea Cans (the tall skinny ones are best). You may want a few just in case you mess up the first time lol

>Can tab (another one besides the one on the Arizona Green Tea can

>Sharp knife to cut through metal

>Super glue/hot glue

Here's what to do:

1>This is the easiest step: drink you green tea! But make sure you don't bend off the can tab or the little circle thing that pops down. 

2>Once you're done drinking it, rinse it out to get any tea residue out.

3>Using your knife, cut off around the top of the can, about an inch down. (see picture) This will be used as the lens of the camera. You know the little circle thingy that you push down when you open it? Push that back up into place so it looks unopened. 


4> Do the same thing with the bottom of the can, but this part will be discarded. make sure it's cut in a straight line.

5>Then, find the side with all the ingredients and nutrition info and stuff. Cut a straight line through the can from top to bottom on this side.

6> Now you need to open the can so it's flat. Put it under a really heavy book for a while to flatten it out. It might not get completely flat, but that's okay. 

7> Once it's flat, cut a straight line across the can about 6 inches up from the bottom. This will be the main part of the camera.

8> With the remaining top part of the can, cut out a little semi-circle type thing for the shutter. (see picture)

9> Now this is where it gets kind of tricky. Take your 6 inch piece from the bottom and put it face down (so the label is on the outside).

10> Fold all the edges just slightly (about 1/2 inch) over so they are straight. Then fold them over again the same way so the edges are standing straight up. I hope that makes sense. 

11> Then flip it over and look at the front of your camera. It should look something like the picture. If it doesn't you probably folded you edges wrong. It should be like a little box on the back.

12> Then take the hot glue/super glue and glue the extra can tab and the shutter on the top of the camera. If there's not a ledge there, you folded your edges wrong.

13> Next, take the super glue/hot glue and glue the top of the can to the front of your camera towards the right side. If any glue squishes out, you can wipe it off with a wet paper towel.

ANDDD you're done! The back might not be too glamorous, but it should stand by itself and there won't be any sharp edges exposed. 

If you have any ideas for improvement, please comment! And if you actually make this, tell me how it goes! 

Thanks for the request, 
Lauren :)
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