Requested(; These were ideas from my old tip account that failed, so nobody really saw the tip i worked so hard on lol. Sorry, havent made a tip in a few days ive been really busey this week:P

1. WALLS;; 
Brighten up your walls with some cute picture. you can make a colage of your friends and family by posting them on a bullatin board, or you can just make it across your wall with thumb tacks. it looks really cute if you post all of your picture in a shape of a heart. i did that on my wall && its super cute!♥ if you do a bulllatin board, put some other cute things on it. put movie tickets, tickets to dances, long necklaces(looks REALLY cute) and bows you can make with ribbin. you can even put a few cute drawings. also add some pretty flowers. you can buy these at a craft store, or a fake plants
2. Make your own poster for your bedroom
or you can make some cute calloges on polyvore, and print out a bunch and make them into a giant calloge on your wall.

3.paint your fan&light switch
get a bunch of sharpies and nail polish, and splatter paint with nail polish. you can doodle with sharpies on it. on any other white furniture, you can use washible paints and paint cute things.i said washible incase you get in trouble. or you can spray paint
4. make some cute pillows. find some old fabric or tshirt and sew it into a pillow
5. Doodle wall! on a white wall, write some cute quotes or inside jokes.
6. Lighting. buy some white paper laterns(super cheap you can get them at the dollar store) and paint them. Put some christmas lights around your bedroom too, just tape it, or thumb tack it you can also put it in your closet.
7. Do you have a solid colored blanker or comforter? buy some fabric, and sew patches of fabric to the comforter, or cut them out into small designs
8. on the computer, find some cute quotes, and make them so theyre really big, and then print it, cut it out and tape to your wall.
9.Beaded curtains. yeah this will take a really long time, so have someone help you. when youre done, you can hang them in your closet instead of closets, or just as regular curtains. if you want, you can even put them in your doorway
10. Buy some of those wooden letters from craft stores, so they form a word and paint them, then hang on your wall
11. jewlry holders there are a ton of ways to make your own! i might make a tip on that soon. but you can make picture frame jewelry holders, or jewlry "trees"
Hope you like this:)
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