check these out;

1; firstly, you need to find out if you can paint your room. if you can, then remember that the colour(s) you choose are a long term decision, so try to pick some colours that you will like for a while. You can just go for a solid look, or pick 2 or 3 colour schemes but if you want your bedroom to look different then you can paint a base colour and then paint patterns (swirls, circles ect..) or a theme (animals, stars & planets, water ect..) over the top.

2; If you have wooden furniture (dresser, cupboards ect..) then you could paint them and just like the walls, you can do patterns and themes on them.

3; Decorate your lamp shapes or table lamps. but make sure to use things that are not flammable (meaning stuff that won't catch fire if it's placed next to a hot light bulb). Some ideas include rhinestones, paint, beads and coins. Make sure to use non-flammable glue, too. You can also punch holes in the lampshade and weave ribbon through. 

4; Clear one or two of your shelves and turn them into memorable shelf. You could have pictures of your friends, tickets from days out, souvenirs from a holiday ect...

5; Buy some fake flowers and put them in a vase, it gives colour to your room and you don't need to worry about them dying or watering them.

6; Find some old shoe boxes and cover them with wrapping paper or you can paint them and then hand decorate them. The boxes are great for storing things like hair bands, bobbles, magazines, CDs/DVDs, pens & pencils, photos ect..

7; Ceiling decorations are a must-have! They are really easy to do and look great! All you need is; 
- ribbon or string
 - cardboard or thick paper
 - wrapping paper or paint
 - beads, feathers, colouring pens/pencils (only if you want to use them)
Firstly, in bubble writing draw out the word you want to use, it could be "dream" "magic" "wish" "love" ect... Make sure you leave enough room between each bubble letter to cut out. Once you have the word written on the card, cut each letter out separately. If you have the letter "o" or "a" (ect) make sure you cut out the middle bit! Once every letter is cut out, cover it with paint or wrapping paper. If you want to, you can glue on some beads, feathers (ect) or colour in certain sections. Once your letters are covered, cut some string/ribbon. Making sure each strip is a different length. Stick a piece of string/ribbon onto one side of each letter using sticky tape or glue. When you have stuck the string/ribbon on, find a part of ceiling in your bedroom that you would like to hang them and hang each letter up from the ceiling using blu-tac or pins. 

8; Gather some photos together, of your friends, family, boyfriend/girlfriend, favourite band/singer ect.. and stick them on a piece of card to make a collage that you can stick on your wall.

9; buy some fairy lights and hang them from shelves or your wardrobe, you can also wrap them around your bed head.

- your p o l y v o r e tips anon.
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