hey okay so this is a completely diy bts makeover to surprise erryone when you go back haha. some of you might have started, but i don't start until next wednesday yaaas

credit to @/lockerpaint for the layout lol

☼ ~ ☼ ~ ☼

okay so first thing is a haircut. ik, everyone says that, but it really is the best place to start. just try something simple lol. i got my hair trimmed, put in long layers, and angled it into a sorta v-cut, you know? just a tip, if you have a problem with curly hair being flat at the roots, get long layers! they help sooo much omg.

also, try a new hairstyle or two. practice them over the summer so you can come back and have perfect hair bc it's the best feeling in the world okay. i perfected the messy bun and it actually looks amazing with curly hair so all of you try it okay it's amazing.

☼ ~ ☼ ~ ☼

next is obviously clothes. i maybe kinda have an obsession with clothes but that's normal right? okay so i really need to recommend plato's closet to everyone bc i actually am in love with that store. i literally got so much stuff from there lol. so idk what my "style" is okay i just love cute clothes. but here's some places that i got my bts clothes from;
♥ plato's closet
♥ jcpenny
♥ hollister
♥ olympia sports
♥ aeropostle 
♥ forever 21
♥ walmart lol

yeah okay so i live for walmart athletic shorts, that's like all i got there tho haha. i'll probs do a haul soon lol

i also just did an outfits tip you can find here ---> http://tinyurl.com/lnfk4ov

☼ ~ ☼ ~ ☼

so next thing is confidence bc you definitely need it to survive school. okay maybe not everyone, but i really need it lol. but seriously, something like a cute outfit will boost your confidence like 6000% and it's like the best feeling in the world okay. 

i think the best way to boost your confidence is to look good. if my outfit and makeup are on point that day, i literally am so much more outgoing and it's great. but you don't always have to look perfect okay, just use that confidence and turn it into an everyday thing. but believe me, i'm still working on that part. honestly, some days are just gonna be bad, and that's okay. i promise, if you work on your self confidence, your days will be thirty times better.

btw, another good way to have more confidence is a cute pair of underwear okay it's just awesome.

☼ ~ ☼ ~ ☼

so onto hair. my advice is; try something new! this summer, i dip-dyed my hair twice, pink and teal. i might do it again for the first day of school actually. i also got natural highlights from the sun with lemon juice. i've been fighting my curly hair for years, but for the first time in forever ( hehe ) it's actually looking pretty good. i've stopped using most shampoo actually, other than my coconut water, sulfate-free one a couple times a week. the other days, i use baking soda lol. btw, i haven't straightened my hair since april!!!!

☼ ~ ☼ ~ ☼

okay so another confidence booster is your eyebrows bc when they're looking good, you're gonna have a good day it's a fact. now don't run out and have them waxed into tiny lines bc no. not everyone can pull off small eyebrows, so my advice is BE CAREFUL. start off just tweezing the random hairs, and when that's good, t h e n you can start shaping them. i can't give you super detailed advice, so please please please look up a tutorial before you do this.

☼ ~ ☼ ~ ☼ 

last thing is makeup. if you don't wear any makeup, start off slow! i actually didn't really wear makeup until last december. but my mom did my makeup for me for my christmas concert, and when i got to the school, i saw two of my best friends. they had never seen me wear makeup before lol and they were so shocked. they made me take a picture with them so they could send it to my other friends omg it was actually really great. oh, and my crush called me pretty ( !!!!!!!! ) and hung out with me almost the whole night, so that was pretty great too.

so here's what i wore when i started out;
♦ powder foundation 
♦ concealer
♦ mascara
♦ chapstick
♦ and a touch of eyeliner

and that's it! that much of a difference. so to start, just go to the drug store or even the dollar store and get some cheap stuff to practice with. all i can say is practice it over and over! then, come back after a break or on a monday and have a gorgous face and accept the thousands of compliments you'll get bc gurl you're beautiful.

☼ ~ ☼ ~ ☼

and i think that's it! i hope this helps you b4 you chickas go back ( i'm so sorry )

love, marin // #marinstipsyo \\
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