Hello loves! I'm probably not the only one here who's not the greatest at painting, so I found some ideas for canvas that are really easy. On to the tip... 

(By the way, this set was inspired by @skinnyjeansbigdreams - you should follow her!)

♡ Tape Wall Art
difficulty; basic

(Check the items in the set for a picture)

what you need:
- masking tape
- paint colors of your choice
- paint brush
- canvas

how to make it;
- place tape in diagonal directions on the canvas
- paint your different colors in the spaces between the tape
- let the painting dry for about 15 minutes, then remove the tape
- ta-daaa! You're done!

♡ Overlapping Circles (in the set)
difficulty; medium?

what you need;
- canvas
- paint colors of your choice
- water
- pencil
- paint brush

how to make it;
- mix your paint with a little bit of water (or use a whole lot of water color paints instead)
- with your pencil, lightly draw circles on the canvas
- paint in the circles
- wait to dry, and done!

♡ Rainbow Chevron
difficulty; kind of hard...

Check the items in this set for a picture.

what you need;
- many different paint colors
- white paint
- tape
- paint brush
- canvas

how to make it;
- using the different paint colors, paint strokes of color all over the canvas, like this: http://static3.refinery29.com/bin/entry/213/x/424300/page2b-diy-painting3slide.jpg
- let the paint COMPLETELY DRY! It cannot be wet at all for the next step
- carefully place the tape in a zig-zag pattern on the canvas
- using a thin paintbrush, paint white around the tape
- let it dry for about 10 minutes, then remove the tape
- and you're done! Sorry for this one being so hard..

♡ Chevron
difficulty; medium


what you need;
- a paint color of your choice
- paintbrush
- canvas
- tape

how to make it;
- place the tape in the chevron pattern
- paint everywhere there isn't tape
- let it dry for about 15 minutes
- remove the paint, and you're done!

That's all for now! Hope you enjoy trying out these kinds of paintings.

- Zaria {@faithroller}

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