»finally posting the pictures
»so basically what my friend and i did was:
-buy plain white tees & black fabric markers (from target, walmart, michaels, wherever)
-print out black & white symbol from computer
-then we took a text book and taped the picture of the symbol onto it.
-then we slid the shirt over the book and rubberbanded it tight so the shirt wouldnt slide around
-then since the black showed trough the tee shirt we traced out the design & filled it in
-then take it off the book & VOILA! (:
& feel free to make the designs your own! like i started with a plain eiffel tower but i put lyrics to a french song in the background(:
»hope you like them!
-Chanel bottle link: http://www.freewebs.com/cleopatrasboudoir/chan4.jpg
-My tumblr: fleauret.tumblr.com

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