Hi girls! It's Mia here. Sorry for being inactive, I had too much things to do and too little time. I'm ashamed, I haven't been on this account for SO long. Anyway, let's start the tip, courtsey of Martha Stewart.

1. Pinch flower stems about 4-10 inches, depending on your chain length. Now, make a small cut on the bottom half on each of your flower stems. 

2. The next step is easy: thread one stem into another. Continue until daisy chain is at desired length. 

3. Once ready to finish, make another slit in the other half of the first daisy and thread the stem of the last daisy inside it.

SEE HOW EASY? Amazing daisy chain necklaces you can parade the whole city around ready in... 1 minute! Everyone will be D Y I N G of envy!

More summer tips coming up!


@mia-xo (MIAAA)

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