Hey it's Pauline, @paulina-ballerina !

Snow White:
-Purple-ish/Blue Shirt(has to be very feminine looking)
-yellow shirt(the longer the better)
-red bow headband
-red flats
-red lipstick

-purple dress(short sleeve)
-a long sleeve pink shirt(to go under the dress
-braided hair(preferably blonde, can get a wig) with flowers in it
- flat shoes(pink or purple)

-yellow dress(long or short)
-gold or yellow heels
-stud earrings(gold or something like the one pictured)
-(Optional) clutch
-(Optional) gloves

Areil:(In the Sea)
-purple bikini top
-mermaid tail bottom 
-(Optional) red wig

(On land)
-dress like the one pictured
-(Optional)red wig

-blue dress(preferably long)
-black choker
-blue headband(to go on the your hair)(hairstyle:bun)
-clear shoes
-(Optional) wig
-(Optional) gloves

-pink dress(preferably prom-like)
-pink shoes
-gold crown
-gold necklace
-(Optional) wig
-(Optional) rose
-(Optional) gloves

This is really good for Aurora:http://www.polyvore.com/aurora/set?id=38394507 by @silveranthrax 

Enjoy & Good Luck!
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