Hi Everyone! it's @d3borahhx! Today, I wanted to show you how to make a DIY. Instructions and Materials:
- Jeans
- Fabric chalk (available at fabric stores, Target, etc...)
- Scissors
- Wood block (hardware or lumber stores can give you this for free =)
- Tweezers
- Sanding block (available at Target)
- Razor
- Sand paper

Step 1: Wear jeans and mark above the knee cap & on upper thigh (Or wherever you would like) with the fabric chalk 
Step 2: Cut two small clean lines in above and below where you made the marks with fabric chalk so that you have a little line of jean material.
Step 3: Insert wood block underneath the jeans and place right under where you made the two small cuts.
Step 4: Gently fray the edges with the sanding block.
Step 5: Loosen and gently pluck out threads
Step 6: On another part of your jeans, cut bluntly with razor blade to create a natural destroyed look
Step 7: Trim excess threads
Step 8 : Fray the edges & sand area to enlarge the opening
Step 9 : Heavily sand thigh area and below the knees to create a more distressed look

and viola! Enjoy your new re-vamped jeans!!
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