hi guys it's emily! i have like three dreamcatchers in my room and i only made one back in first grade and it's really tiny lol but if you want to make your own, here's how!

materials;; ♥
-an embroidery hoop about 6 inches in diameter
-thread,yarn or twine
-felt, a small rectangle

instructions;; ♥

O1) take your hoop and either wrap it with thread or yarn to cover it. or i you want, leave it as it is. it's up to you. 

O2) take a long piece of thread and tie it onto the edge of your hoop.

O3) about an inch and a half from that first knot wrap the thread over the hoop again. put the thread between the loop you've made and the hoop. almost like a little twist of the thread.

O4) pull the thread taut. again an inch and a half away from another stitch to the hoop, just like the one before. 

O5) keep going! this is the same stitch for your entire dream catcher! once you get o the end of the first circle of stitches, meaning you're back where you started knotting the thread to the hoop, instead of the hoop use the first line of stitches as your anchor and keep stitching away! make sure that the loop stitch of the second circle ties at the middle of the anchor string. that will pull the thread just right to make the dream catcher look like a web. 

O6) if the beads you'd like to use fit onto your thread or yarn add them wherever yo lie in between stitches. once you get to the center, knot the thread to one of the stitches and leave some length to the thread, you'll use it to attach the feathers. 

O7) if the beads you'd like to use do not fit onto your thread or yarn take smaller thread and sew them into some of the stitching now. 

O8) take the long end thread, your feathers, a small rectangle of felt and your glue. what you're doing now is gluing the feathers to the thread. then you will wrap where they meet with the felt. a dab of glue should be enough to join all those together. 

O9) attach a final loop to the top of your dream catcher so you can hang it about your bed. 

credit;; http://www.kidzworld.com/article/26775-how-to-make-a-dream-catcher

emily || @my-name-is-emily 
#emilyisanarwhal ~O9.29.13.~
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