Hello! @addictedtofashionn here. (: How has your day been going? I know @thepolyvoretipgirls have done this tip, but I did not copy them. I found these pictures and decided to do a tip on them. (:
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a.) BLUE elmer's glue. 
b.) Cardboard.
c.) Fabric dye. {Any color, you can find this at pretty much every craft store.}
d.) A white garment you want to dye and design on. 

O1.) Preparation; 
•Soak your tee for a few hours in the solution it gives you in the dye package. 
•After its done, ring it out and place it on the cardboard. 

O2.) Designing;
•Using the blue glue, write, draw, do whatever you want on the shirt. 
•Make sure you like the design or quote before letting it dry.
•Let it dry fully, and when you think its done, LIGHTLY press your finger into the glue to check it. 

O3.) Dying; {xD} 
•Take the squirt bottle and once again place the color where you want it.
•You can also take this opportunity to make it more than one color or actually tie dye it. 
•If you want a darker color, dip it twice. 

O4.) Washing; 
•Once the shirt is fully dry again, rinse it in cold soapy water. 
•Also a lot of dye and glue will come off during this step so DO NOT use a washer for this step. 
•Once its pretty washed out and the glue is off, then place it in the washer and wash as normal as well as the dryer. 

O5.) Wear it. (; 

Pretty simple, but so much fun and you can do it over and over, finding more patterns and colors. :D
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