AAYYOO chicas, erica here! that's right, i'm back with a tip for Y O U! you guys have NO idea how sorry i am for not making tips... i just recovered from my concussion on thursday & since then i've been actively participating in soccer & dance (: plus schoolwork, etc... but anyways, i'm back and healthy, & i guess thats all that matters! be prepared for more tips to come! 

this tip was requested awhile ago, like maybe 3 weeks ago? well, for whoever requested it, here's your tip, & my apologies for the tardiness! let's get on with the tip!(:

ingredients (:
- 1/2 of a RiPENED banana
- 1/2 of an OVER RiPED avocado
- 1 tbl. of chopped cucumber
- 1 tbl. of yogurt (any works, preferably plain ol' vanilla though!) 
- 1 tbl. of olive oil

directions (:
O1.) mix all ingredients & put them in a blender until smooth

O2.) rub evenly all over your face, leave for 30 minutes (:

O3.) wash off with W A R M water, & then splash your face with C O L D water!

& voila! this facial mask will be sure to smooth your skin! enjoy chicas!




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