Hey everyone. Yes, this idea was borrowed from Bethany Mota, a.k.a. Macbarbie07. But I love this idea so much and I even did it in my room. These jars look great anywhere!
What You Need:
-A few plain, clear jars. You can probably find some laying around your house. If not, you can buy small ones for real cheap from a dollar store or craft store.
-Leaves. These leaves can be real or fakes one.
-Candy Corn, Pinecones, Acorns, anything else small and Fall related.
-Ribbon or string.
-Take the jar and glue leaves around it. You can put a few in the middle, or completely cover the jar, or just a few around the bottom. However you want to do it.
-Fill the jar with a mixture of all your Fall supplies or just one thing on its own. The candy corn is the best one to do alone. Its cute and a snack~
-Then wrap the ribbon or string around the top of the jar a few times and tie it in a pretty bow. 
-Little Fall mixes of like acorns, and scents of Fall go great in these jar; it makes the room smell good.
-If you use any real leaves, acorns or pinecones, watch out for bugs and such.
I hope the helps. Let me know if you end up using these~
xoxo @audreykantarias

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