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well hello my lovelies.♥

im just zxcvbnmasdfghjkl. so happy right now guise! this extremely popular guy (i know it's so sad my school actually has a popularity scale) took me out on a date last night ♥ and today he told me he wanted to me something more than friends. then he asked me to be his girlfriend. please excuse me while i go cry in a corner for the rest of my life.

*RANDOM TiP OF THE DAY: never give up on someone who makes you smile. ♥*

now, to the tip!

ok, what the fudge is a fantasy journal? 

it's a journal where you write down all your fantasies. OMGGG HOW EXCITING. ♥

well i dont know about you guys, but im one of those people who lies in bed at night and pictures everything i wish was real. (get it? my fantasies! ♥) im also one of those people who enjoy writing! 

f a n t a s y j o u r n a l

you will need :
+a notebook
+anything you want to decorate it!

O1 / decorate!

just go nuts kk. decorate the front AND the back!

O2 / page one.

in the center of the page, write (your name)'s fantasy journal in ANY STYLE WRITING except the one you normally use. 

for example: cursive, bubble letters, block letters, random symbols, etc.

O3 / entry #1

write "entry one" and the date at the top of the page.

now, write. write about anything you want.

for example, write about:

-a boy you wish you were with
-a life you wish you could have
-a place you wish you could go
-a talent you wish you had
-a career you wish you could pursue

O4 / write short stories

if you want, you can make up your own little stories.

waaaaalaaahhhh! ♥ sorry i can't think of anything else atm but i hope you guys get the idea!

* creds to me and my random ideas *

kisses , justine ♥

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