These shoes were inspired by MacAngels03 from youtube:
Pictures from 
Thank you so much @polyvore for making this top set. I just love you guys :) You guys made my day. Also, thanks for all the likes and I might do more diys if you guys would like me to. 

*Pictures looks a bit different from the video, they are both 2 separate people's instructions.

Black shoes
2 or 3 Makeup Sponges
 2 or 3 Black paint sponge brushes
1 normal brush
Blue Tape
A paper Plate
A paper towel
1 thin nail art brush
Craft Smart Acrylic Paint (or fabric paint)
-Grape Taffy
-Island Blue
-Light Pink
-Snow White

1. Use the blue tape to tape the soles of the shoes (the white part of the shoes) so you won't get paint on that part.

2. Put all the colors (except the crystal color) onto the paper plate, don't put too much but put the amount you think you would need.

3. Take your black sponge paintbrush and dip it into the navy blue color. After, dab it onto the paper towel (not all) so you don't have too much paint. 

4. Dab it onto one spot of the shoe that you want. 

5. Then, take your island blue color and repeat step 3.

6. After, dab the color around the navy blue color. Try to blend the colors well so make sure to dab in the edges and sides with the navy blue.

7. Take your makeup sponge and dip it into the plum color. Repeat step 3.

8. Then, dab it on the opposite of the navy blue that you didn't put the island blue color. Again, make sure you dab it in well into the sides and edges.

9. Take the grape taffy color and repeat step 3.

10. Then, dab it inbetween the navy blue and the plum color. Make it cloudy looking so that's why you need to dab it. Try not to have any defined lines.

11. Put the navy blue next to the plum. (Repeat step 3)Remember, dab.

12. Take one of the brushes, it doesn't really matter and put the island blue next to the navy blue. Also repeat step 3. Remember to blend it all out.

13. Now you are done with the background. 

14. Dip one of the sponges into the white, again repeat step 3 and apply this onto any of the light spots (light purple or light blue). Dab it into little dots. 

15. Dab the light pink on top of the white.

16. Pour some of the crystal onto the toothbrush. Then, take your finger and kind of flick it or brush your finger back and forth on the brush so splatters of the paint can go onto the shoe. 

17. Use your normal brush and put little white dots around your galaxy oval white parts. 

18. Use the thin nail art brush and dip it into the white and and draw a star anywhere. Put 1 or 2 stars only so it doesn't look so overwhelming. 

NOTE: Make sure you paint your shoes in a circle for the backgrounds. Like go around the shoes. My instructions might be pretty bad so I recommend on just watching the video, she does great on showing the steps and visuals. It'll be much easier to do it with the actual video. It's also a very clear video so everything looks good. My steps are based on the video but I'm scared you guys might get confused. Good luck you guys! Tell me how your shoes came out if you do it.
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