Hey guys I'm back! Finally done with my exams and now I'm on break! 
Here is this cool DIY that would look amazing during winter! unless you live in the south like me :P

They are giant water marbles and you just need a few things!

-Balloons, preferably water balloons
-food coloring

1) first fill up the balloon with water then add a few drops of food coloring. Then tie up the balloon.

2) Throw it into the freezer for a day or 2 or until the balloon is completely solid!

3) Once its solid take it outside and place it on to the snow! Wear gloves because it is going to be freezing cold! Cut the top part off then remove the balloon away from the ice!

3) BAM! you got your water marble! If you live in a hot place it won't last too long, but it would last longer if you live up north!

Beware the food coloring will come on to your hands/gloves/clothes!

Peace out people 
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