I love making gift baskets for my friends (:


santa hat gift bag

candy cane = $.50 anywhere
cute hand sanitizer = $1.50 at bath and body works
santa hat = $1 at dollar store
PINK body mist = $6
 around $9 good for friends, sister, etc.

Cute small gift basket;

Starbucks gift card $5
Candies = totaled $3
ELF lip gloss $1
$9 again great for friends, family etc.


mug = $5 at lots of home decorating stores 
lip gloss = $7
Candy = totaled $5
$18 great for secret santa gifts, close friends, sister, mom etc.

Stocking gift bag;
$20= $30
nail polish $9
perfume mini $10
lip gloss $5
around $25 great for sister, girlfriend (haha for allyou guys out there!) mom, teacher, grandma, mom, best friend

Tote bag gift;
$25 and up
Cute bag $20
fuzzy socks $5
tic tacs or small candy $1
lip gloss $ 1

around $27
if you want to get a best friend, daughter, sister, etc. a generous gift (:

large gift sets that come with multiple of the same items in different colors like a elf lip gloss set $5 or the lancome gloss set, or a philosophy or nail polish set
a large amount of candy canes like 10 for good friends!
You can make your friends braceletes
hot cocoa powder
stuffed animals
perfume sets

hope i helped!
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