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Hey there girlies! It’s Rosey here with a really cool DIY! I am thinking of doing this for my friend’s birthday since she really loves nail stuff :) Anyway, here’s what you have to do!


• A mason jar (preferably large, but any size will do)
• Decorations
• A piece of fabric
• Glue
• Nail polish
• Nail clipper
• Nail filer
• Nail buffer
• Any nail art things (ex. nail stickers, stripers)
• Cotton balls
• Nail polish remover
• Cuticle oil
• Hand lotion


O1. Decorate your mason jar, and personalize it for your gift recipient! Put their name, drawings, stickers, and anything else you want to make it theirs.

O2. For the top of the jar, get some scraps of fabric and glue them to the top so they puff up. An alternative it cutting out a circle of fabric the size of the lid and gluing it on. This gives the jar a softer, plush-like look.

O3. Add the materials to the jar! Start with cotton balls, and then add the bigger items. Fill it in with the smaller stuff you got. Try to keep the nail polish towards the edges so you can see it.

O4. Experiment with colors and arrangement of the jar! Pick and choose with the list of stuff in the materials list, and add your own if you want.

So I hope you enjoyed this simple little DiY! I can’t wait to try it out :)

~ Rosey // @roseygal-16

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