This is actually really easy to make :)

You will need:
Something to make the heart wall with:
Here are some ideas:

-Sticky Notes-Fill these up with things that matter to you (the time he♥ texts you, nice notes from friends, or even cute little doodles :))

-Photos with friends or family♥

-concert tickets

-book pages

-cutout of quotes that you love ♥

-pictures of yourself

-pictures from movies that you love

-cute patterns that you love

-song lyrics

-Stuff that maters to you♥-just make sure they are all the same size and they are like the same things ♥

-Something to tape the hearts up:
-Clear tape if you don't want it to show
-sticky tack 
-colored/ patterned duct tape if you want a cute pattern
-push pins
-basically anything you want ♥

&Thats about all you need :P

How to:

O1. Make the pictures/doodles/whatever you were going to hang. But for this demonstration lets just say you were making a picture wall♥

O2. Okay so there are layers of this. So for the first layer you need to tape one of the pictures at the bottom.

O3. Make the second layer: three pictures this time

O4. 3rd layer: 5 pictures

O5: 4th: 6 pictures

O6. 5th layer: 8 pictures

O7. 6th layer: 8 pictures

O8. 7th layer: 9 pictures

O9. Okay so heres' the tricky part: on top of the 4 most left layers stack 4 more photos on it. Do the same with the 4 most right layers(like the picture)

1O. Then, like the picture stack 2 photos on the center top of those layer,

Enjoy!! Good luck if you make this :)

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