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it's definitely back to school time ♥ lottsss of tips made and coming from us!

So this is my first year ever having a locker (wooo freshman!!) and i want it to be gorgeous. even if like no one decorates their locker. I just want MINE to be pretty. lol.

So i go into target expecting to find some gorgeous things. Um. No. They seriously look like they're from limited too. Not cool, man.

It's a good idea to look in the scrapbook section and add magnets to the back of things,, they have a lot more variety to them.

1. Lace trim mirror/white board
I'm for sure doing this :) i already go the mirror. Get a magnetic locker mirror or white board with either no edge or a solid one (like no little holes in it). You can super glue a thick lace trim (you can get these at Michael's and other craft stores. i think walmart might have some too.) I can't wait to do this! it will look so pretty!

2. Get faux flowers and cut the stems off or get ones you use for hair and put magnets on the back. Craft stores should sell magnets with like a peel off, adhesive back.

3. You can do the same thing with rings. cut off the stretchy part and put an adhesive magnet on the back. and you can do it with like necklace pendants if the chain breaks!

4. Get mini picture frames and again, put adhesive magnets on the back. Tj maxx generally has really cute frames, so you can put your fav pictures in and rotate them through out the year as you take more!

5. Put magnets on cute hair bows :)

Hope this helps some of you!! I know i'll definitely be doing these!
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