here is an easy t-shirt cutting project you can do at home!


you need:
-any large t-shirt (it works best if the t-shirt is 2-3 sizes too big for you)
-sharp scissors
-ribbon or patterned fabric (optional)



1.cut off the neck, sleeves, and bottom of the t-shirt like this:
you can crop the shirt to whatever length you want and make the neck and arm holes as low as you want.

2.flip the shirt over. tie together the shoulder straps near the top like this:

you can use fun ribbon, fabric strips, or a strip of the leftover t-shirt that you cut to tie it together. use hot glue or fabric glue to keep the tie in place.

3. pull on the edges of the fabric to get it a little looser.

the final product should like this!

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have fun trying this out!

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