Instead of the boring black case that come with all diabetic blood glucose meters and to keep you epipens and other medical supplies from getting lost in your bag, here is a fun way to keep it organized. 
You will need:
1) a cute makeup bag (it can be any size to keep all your supplies in)
2) elastic (wide or thin depending on the size of your medical supplies 
3) scissors
4 you various medical supplies 

step 1: unzip your makeup bag and play around on where you want to sew your elastic loops. Larger items really don't need elastic, you can just put it in the bag. 

Step 2 measure pieces of elastic to the width of whatever item you are making it for,

Step 3 sew the loops in place

Step 4 put in your medical supplies

Voilà! A cute new way to tote to medical supplies you need but in style :) 
 I got this idea after needing something to keep my epipens, inhaler, and my allergy medicine in. Some of the cases they have online are pretty expensive (they are worth the money don't get me wrong) but I didn't have the money to buy one and this is a cheap alternative.
I also made one for my blood glucose meter my doctor gave me because I have non diabetic hypoglycemia and have to check my blood sugar now and then in case I am low. The case my glucose meter is very ugly and I use a cute One Direction id case my mom got for me to keep my meter, finger pricker, test strips and alcohol swabs in.
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