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I love this idea. I just started making my own about two weeks ago, and am so inspired to get more nail polish for this! 

Materials Needed:
Nail polish
Binder and computer paper OR
a Notebook

*I recommended using a 1" binder. This way you can add more later without having to start a new notebook.

1. Organize all your nail polish by BRAND. Essie, Sally Hansen, Claire's, Wet N Wild, etc.

2. Grab one piece of paper, and one group of one brand. Push all the other brands aside. 

3. Start off by labeling this page with what ever brand it is at the top. For example, if I was using the Essie ones, I would write at the top, "ESSIE."

4. Next, pick one color to start out with. Paint small strokes so that the size of the circle/square is roughly the size of a quarter. After painting, write the name and number of the color below. This will help you find that one special color you love that you ran out of. 

5. Continue painting with the first brand. Once you are finished, get a new piece of paper and start on a new brand.

6. Once all the pages are filled with different brands and all your polish, clip them into your binder, or decorate your new Nail Book.


Another thing I did was at the back of my book, I added a page with all the little designs I have done before. You can either paint them or take pictures and paste them!

Hope you enjoy! :)

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