Hi guys! 
Here's a great everyday look, whether it be for work or school. 
What you'll need: 
-Light pink eyeshadow (don't HAVE to use)
-Tan eyeshadows in different shades
-Brown eyeshadow
-Good mascara
How to get the look: 
-Start off by putting a light shade of pink on your eye lid, to give it a nice base.
-Next, put the lightest shade of tan you have, and continue layering until you begin to turn to brown. 
-When you get to brown, STOP. 
-Instead of putting the brown on your eyelid, we are going to move up to your brow-bone, which you can feel is almost directly above your eyelid. 
-Begin putting a LIGHT layer of brown (you do not want it to be too much)
-Put a thick coat of eyeliner on, but do not add a wing.That look is cute but not needed for this look. 
-Put on mascara, a good two coats until you feel that your lashes are to your liking.
-If the brown on the brow bone is too much, you can take some off with makeup remover and maybe add a dark shade of tan instead. 
Let me know how this look worked out for you in the comments!

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