Hey these are 6 hair lightening tricks for any blondie or light brunet. 

O1: Get plenty of sun. Exposure to sunlight will lighten your hair, especially in the summertime. This is the reason why many people claim that their hair color is darker in the winter, when there's less sunlight and people spend less time outdoors.

O2: Use lemon Juice, in moderation. Unfortunately, this will only work if your hair is already somewhat blonde. If you're a brunette, it will turn your hair a reddish-orange color.
Apply lemon juice sparingly to your hair, and expose your hair to sunlight for 30-60 minutes.
Alternately, mix together the juice of 1 lemon, 1 lime, and 1 orange, and run the mixture through your hair.
While lemon juice will naturally lighten your hair, it will also dry it out. Try mixing it with water to dilute it, and be sure to wash and condition your hair after you go outside.

O3: Use hydrogen peroxide, in moderation. This method is also inadvisable for brunettes, because it will give your hair an orange, brassy looking color. If you have blond hair already, though, and you want to bleach it a bit more, peroxide will work just fine!
Put a little bit of hydrogen peroxide in a dark spray bottle. Spray sparingly on the parts of your hair you want lighter. Alternately, wet a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide and brush cotton ball through hair for highlights. Most people leave the peroxide in their hair for about 40 minutes, but you can leave it in there longer for lighter hair. After allotted time, wash hair with cold water, and condition hair afterward.

O4: For a golden blonde look, use cassia, a natural plant dye. You can buy cassia dye prepackaged at your local drugstore or supermarket.
You can also buy cassia powder and mix your own dye. Mix cassia powder with chamomile tea to form a paste. You can add different herbs for different results. Add cinnamon to give your hair a faint red or auburn tones. Unbleached chamomile leaves can boost the blonde in the cassia mix. Powdered cloves can help mask the scent. Whatever combination you try, always perform a strand test before dyeing your hair.

O5: A mix of six. If you're a lighter brunette and want more of a bleached blonde look, consider this potent combination.
Mix together chamomile, rhubarb, marigold, lemon juice, mullein, and a tiny bit of hydrogen peroxide.
Combine with water, and let it steep overnight.
Apply to hair, and sit in the sun ideally from 11:30 AM to 2:45 PM. It works on blondes, too, but if you're a fairly light brunette who's tired of reading about natural dyes that only work on blondes, try this, and don't be afraid of the rhubarb. After several tests we've determined that it doesn't turn your hair orange or urine-yellow. Good luck!

O6: For dirty blond hair, use this old trick.
Start with 1/2 cup of lemon juice and mix it with 1/2 cup shampoo and then 1/2 cup of water in a bowl. (Sour cream will also act as a thickener if you don't wish to use shampoo.)
Get the mixture and put it in a spray bottle.
Evenly spray the solution on your hair once a day, before you go outside for best results. You only need to spray your hair until it is a little wet, not soaking.
Do this everyday until the solution runs out, and you will notice your hair getting brighter and blonder. Works like a charm!
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