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So for those of you who don't know what Nightlock Berries are, they are poisonous berries that grow on a wild plant which Peeta and Katniss use to win the 74th annual hunger games!

What You Need;

Bottles like the ones shown in the set.

Navy Blue polymer clay

Elmer's clear glue

Red and Blue food coloring

What You Need To Do;

1} Drop a few drops of the red and blue food coloring into a plastic cup until you get the desired purple color. Add a little bit of the clear glue to make the purple coloring for the berries, mix together!

2} Take the clear glue and fill your jar about half way with it!

3} Then add the mixture of food coloring and glue into the jar! (Dont add to much or you wont be able to see the berries)

4} Take the navy blue polymer clay and cut it into pea size pieces and roll into balls!

5} Drop the balls into the jar and they will eventually fall to the bottom of the jar!

6} Add more glue until you get to the top of the jar!

7} Add the cork and your finished!

(If this tutorial was a little difficult to understand, here is a link to the video

*Credit to Toni Ellison for the DIY*

Hope you guys enjoyed!
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