Oh hai der! its Gabi again ^_^, well when I first thought of this one I knew you guys would love it ♥♥
here are the materials :D
~piece of cardboard
~plain white jean shorts
~fabric markers with fun colors (no sharpies, they bleed too much)
~plain white paper

♥♥First lay out the newspapers, you dont want marker getting all over the place

♥♥Next, take out the paper and practice what you are going to write, here are some One Direction quotes you can include :D

~Vas' Happenin'?
~Curly Hair
~1,2,3, flick!
~That's what makes you beautiful
~Boo bear
~DJ Malik
~Cheeseburgers and Jellybabies
~You've got that one thing
~Oh here we go give it some yeah
~hip thrusts!
~inbetweeners dance
~pat the dog, screw the lightbulb and go crazy
~stop the traffic, let the people
~if i'm louder, would you hear me?
~Louis♥Niall,♥Zayn♥Liam♥ Harry♥
~baby you light up my world like nobody else

*and you could look up more on the internet*

~Next, take the cardboard and put it inside of the shorts, it will prevent the marker from seeping to the other side and it could provide a flatter surface :)

~Carefully start to draw on your designs and quotes until almost everything is covered

~flip it over and start drawing on the other side

Wait 5 minutes and put the shorts in the washer, WITH NOTHING ELSE IN THERE the marker will get on other clothes and stain them permanently

now you're done :D

hey...I just thought of this, you can also make a little backstage pass to hang on a belt loop on your shorts, super cute!

here are the materials

~thick paper
~hole puncher 
~ elaminater (optional)

Ok, first go on the internet and look for a photoshoot picture that includes all of the boys and that you like (like the one on the bottom right of the set) and make it 1/4 of a piece of printing paper, print it out and set it aside, next print this out, http://www.atomicautographs.com/one-direction-autograph.html ...again, 1/4 of the printer page, now paste the two pieces of paper together and set it aside, now look up a 1D logo that will fit on the top half of the picture of the boys without cutting any of them off :D , glue it onto the top half of the picture of the boys. next, elaminate it and hole punch it, take a hair tie, a piece of string, or one of those things that mountain climbers have (i forgot the name lol) and hook it onto your belt loop.

peace, love carrots ♥
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