So i made this about a year and a half ago and I can't say how helpful it is. It's insane!

What it is:
Basically, it is a notebook with foursections (or more, if you want): Outfits for Warm/Hot wetaher; Outfits for Cold/Cool weather; Tips and Tricks; Wishlist and Ideas (as in DIY)

What you need:
-anything else- paint, markers, pens, etc.

What to do:
01- Find a notebook and decorate it however you want.
02- Skip the first page. On the top of the 2nd, label whatever catagory you want first. Continue doing so, leaving a good chunk between each section. I highly suggest folding the first corner of each page that begins a section down, so it will be easier to find.
03- Look in your closet. Mix and match clothes to find tons of combos. Describe each combo in whatever section it fits. In the margin, I also write 'P' (for pants or shorts) or 'S' (skirt or dress) so i can decide my looks with ease.
04- In the wishlist/ideas section, make a list of what you want to buy/make, how to do so and where to buy supplies or it. 

05- In the Tips/Tricks section, make a note of any T&T's you pick up, whether it's how to mix patterns or how to get a certain style. This is for reference.

How to Use:
This doesn't need any explaning but oh well. 
Add to your book as you want to. Decorate, draw, etc. Add photos if you want.
If you are stumped on an outfit to wear, look in your book and BAM you'll find one. (just like that, BAM and all lol).

Hope you like this!

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