hello its nickie!!(: So today's tip is a diy on how to make a phone holder out of a LOTION BOTTLE?? yes. really. a lotion bottle. 


a lotion bottle (one that isn't all round, like the one in the set)



cell phone


sand paper (optional)

fabric (optional)

step one:
once you have your bottle, put your cell phone against it to make sure it isn't to big or too small.
then rinse out the bottle with hot water and let it air dry.

step two:
once your bottle is dry, put your cell phone up to it again and decide how high you want the front of it to be.Use your pen to make a line across that point.
Next turn the bottle around and continue the line on the back but curve it upwards.

step three:
cut along the line with your scissors

step four:
once you cut it up, draw a curved square shape on the upper back of the bottle. Then cut it out. Sandpaper the edges(optional).

step five:
now you can spray paint it, stencil, or you can cover it with fabric!!! But there you have it, a phone case made out of a lotion bottle!!!

xoxo, nickie
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