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Hey guys:) So i have a useless little flag that says T O M S, that i got a while back when i purchased my pair of toms. So I thought it would be really cool to make it into a pillow to put on my bed for display. No, the material is not that soft for sleeping on. But its super cute, trendy, and a usefull cool idea. So lets continue. 

W H A T Y O U N E E D ;

* Toms Flag
* Sewing Machine, or skills with sewing 
* Stuffing
*Thread (blue)

Okay, so three very easy items to find. All you basically need is a sewing needle, or portable (plug-in) sewing machine. Unless you are into the whole fashion designing thing and have your very own life size sewing machine :). You can get stuffing at Joan Anne Fabrics, or and fabric store in this case. And if you just c a n n o t find it anywhere, just use ripped up cotton balls. Lastly, you will get the toms flag when you buy a pair of T O M S shoes. This project is mostly for the people who bought toms, but have noting to use the flag for.

W H A T Y O U D O ;

o1. Take Your T O M S flag and clean it all out. Make sure theirs noting left in it
*get your cotton balls/stuffing ready*

o2. Turn on your sewing machine, or get you sewing needle ready. Make sure you use blue or gray, or even white string. So it blends in with the design. Cause if you used like say green for example.... It wouldn't look that great.

o3. Now stuff the flag (bag) with as much stuffing that will fit in it where it still is going to close to sew. Now take your needle and thread (sewing machine)... and sew away until it is all closed. Do a double stitch if its needed to be more secure.

And... W A L L A H H H! Now you have your very own unique T O M s pillow !!!!! And if your not that great with the stuffing or sewing... just buy a cheap white little pillow at the store and stuff it inside. Using your toms flag as a pillowcase. Hahaha

Okay by girlies!! Enjoy! :) -xoxo @briana-loves-byron
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