these are super cute, and easy, if you're patient.

O1. What you need

*Base coat nail polish, we'll use white.

*Tape, of ok quality so it'll stick better

*3-4 other colors of nail polish

O2. Directions

- So first, you want to paint stripes of the other colors of nail polish on the non-sticky side of the tape.

- Set the tape aside to let it dry COMPLETELY

- Paint your nails like you normally would, using the "white" nail polish and let it dry all the way.

- Once your nails and the tape have dried, cut off the painted strip of tape. 

- Use /good/ scissors to cut thin strips of each color, but save one to be the main color, like the teal is in this picture.

- Start at the base of your nail with one of your complimentary colors and lay a thin strip horizontally across.
**press it down and make sure it sticks!

- Lay the thick strip of "main" color down vertically, sort of off center.

- Continue to layer the other colors in this fashion, using these pictures as a reference.

- Use cuticle clippers to cut off the excess tape.

- Apply a nice STRONG top coat over your nails, and you are done!

I did this last night, and it worked out great. You just need some patience.

good luck, and happy painting (:


sarah; @summerlove-sarah

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