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hey, it's @leah-weasley here(: so, I saw this in 'kiss' magazine, and thought it was so cute!

- a pair of jeans (don't use expensive/good ones in case it doesn't work out right! maybe try a thrift shop to get a cheap pair)
- fabric paint
- a pencil with an eraser on the end

O1. cover where you're working with old newspaper.
O2. lay out your jeans and flatten out any creases with your hand.
O3. starting at the bottom of your jeans, use your eraser to make a polka dot print. make sure your eraser is covered with the paint to make a full circle! leave about 1-2cm between each dot.
O4. continue this upwards on both legs. leave flat and allow to dry for 7-8 hours.
O5. when you are sure they're dry, turn the jeans over and repeat the above steps on the other side. hang them for 24 hours before wearing!

& that's it! simple, right? (: 

if you want bigger dots, you could also use a round sponge or a lid of a nail polish bottle for a stamp(:
and if you had any other shaped stamps, like hearts or something, then that would look great too! :D

hope you liked this tip!

- stay beautiful ♥
Leah // @leah-weasley // // ♥


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