Cute DIY Ribbon NECKLACE (:*♥

What you’ll NEED*
A Chain (: – You can get this at a craft store. Just make sure to buy one that is wide enough that you can weave ribbon through (:*

Ribbon- Any color you want. Make sure it’s long enough to weave through the chain (:*

Cute pins or brooches – Two brooches are used in this tutorial. You can find brooches at Forever 21, Claire’s, Icing, or even at a Goodwill or Thrift Store (:

2 jump rings – Can get this at a Craft Store (:*

1 clasp – Can get this at a craft store too (:*



O1; Take the ribbon and weave it through the chain. You can either weave it through every other link, or every link, whichever you like best. Which style you choose WILL affect the overall look and style of the necklace, so experiment and see which you like best* (:

O2; After you finish weaving the ribbon through the chain, use your pliers to open each of the two jump rings, and secure one at each end of the necklace. You can use your pliers to close one of the jump rings, but leave the other one open and attach the clasp to it. To keep the ribbon in place, knot each end onto the jump rings and then trim the ribbon down* (:

O3; Now, the last step is to pin your brooches on, and tie your bow in place. Voila! You have your very own ribbon necklace!* (:♥

*NOTE*: I got this from College Fashion so all credit goes to them! (:
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Wrote 5 years ago
@funkygirly thanks! (:

Wrote 5 years ago
this really pretty

Wrote 5 years ago
It's really light pink {my name is} so it kinda blends in with the background xD

Wrote 5 years ago
its @xoxrayhana s says her name :)



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