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hey girls it's @xoxo-mimi // marie
my intro is so boring. like legit. lets try that again
heyo broskis its marie // @xoxo-mimi !
bit better.

i dress quite indie / grunge, so i really like studded things. studded shorts, studded jackets, studded bags, studded phone cases, studded anything! but studded things are quite trendy right now and... that means that they cost 32658764578648576478567485 dollars in-store. so i decided to show you guys how to diy a studded shirt collar, so that you can save money and diy-ing is quite fun so yeah. this intro is all over the place and im rambling. OKAY TIPPIE TIME ♥

-shirt with a collar

O1. lay your shirt out flat on a flat table or the floor.
O2. map out the placement of the studs. you can use the ruler if you'd like. mark where the studs will go with a bold pencil mark.
O3. studding time! get out your studs and read the instructions. some studs need to be glued, some have four little prongs you push into the fabric and fold, some have a little screwy thing on the back. apply the studs where you'd marked according to the package directions.

... and that's it! easy as 1-2-3, ain't it? haha ♥(:
-marie // @xoxo-mimi

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