-High-waisted pants (Mom jeans) I got mine from a local thrift store.
-Pyramid studs (These were really hard for me to find so I ended up taking them out of a belt) You can buy these at any craft store or at
-Needle and thread

1. Lay your pants flat. The front of your pants is not going to match up with the back of your pants at the top. Like, you need to be able to see the tag. (Sorry if that doesn't make much sense. This is my first tutorial.
2. Now go to the inseam and measure 2 inches (5 cm) down on both legs. Make a snip with the scissors or just mark it with a piece of chalk. (NOT A PERMANENT MARKER)
3. Next, with the scissors you're going to cut slightly diagonally through the whole pant leg all the way across.
4. Repeat with the second pant leg. 
5. At this point, you should have a pair of basic high-waisted shorts. You can stop here if you want and if the edges are a little rough, just found them over and hem them.
6. To add studs to the back pocket, take your scissors and carefully cut through the thread that holds the pocket down. (DO THIS FOR THE TOP CORNER ONLY)
7. Fold the detached pocket down so that you have a triangular shape.
8. Use the needle and thread to sew down the pocket and keep it in place.
9. Now you can start adding studs. Pick up a pyramid stud and press it into the denim where the corner of the pocket was. Turning the pants inside out, you will see the prongs from the stud poking through. Use the scissors to fold these prongs down. 
10. Continue this studding process. I spaced my studs about 1/4 in. apart. You can place yours closer together or farther apart to create different looks.
11. When you're done with the shorts, you can throw them in the washer to rough of the bottom hem of the shorts to get a more vintage look!
12. So that's it for this tutorial! I hope you'll try it and good luck!
xoxo FashionFemmeFatale

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