heeyyy! ericaaaa ( @vivere-ridere-amore-xo ) hereee!♥ in this tip, i'mma show you guys how to TiE DYE YOUR SHOES!(: i did this a few weeks ago & it's really fun, it also looks super cute & goes with almost any outfit!


- white shoes (MUST be canvas or else the dye won't stay on! try vans, toms, converse, keds, or tennis shoes)

- spray-on tie dye (i suggest either tulip or simply spray(: both are found at local craft stores. i personally used the tulip party pack & it worked great! it's also cheaper than simply spray)

- paper/newspaper

- latex gloves (optional)

STEPS ♥ (:
**make sure you wash your shoes with warm water 2 DAYS before dying!!

♥O1.) find a place in your front or backyard! ask your parents which spot they wouldn't mind you working at, because the dye might stain the grass (:

♥O2.) if you have latex gloves, put em onn! hahaha

♥O3.) stuff paper into your shoes so they don't bleed through. if they bleed through, it might ruin the soles and you won't be able to wear them\: if you have extra paper, lay it down on the ground so you don't get the ground dirty(:

♥O4.) shake each bottle of dye, but not so much it becomes bubbly(: if the spray randomly stops working in your tie-dying process, shake them again(:

♥O5.) start spraying!! my inspiration was the pair of vans used in the set above (: you can do rainbow, swirl, bullseye, stripes, anything you want!!:)

♥O6.) once finished, clean up your materials and leave your shoes outside for 3 days. if it's raining/cold, leave it in your garage or in a furnace room (: make sure to leave the paper inside the shoes!

♥O6.) after you leave them to dry for 3 days, your shoes are ready to be worn!(:

MiSC. TiPS (: ♥
- you MUST MUST MUST use canvas shoes! if you don't, the dye will just smudge and will not stay on!
- test the dye on a spare sheet of paper BEFORE using on your shoes, just in case!
- this dye is permanent, so wear clothes you won't mind getting dirty!
- since most canvas shoes (toms, keds, vans, converse, & tennis shoes) are pretty pricy, try going for a knock-off pair for cheap. so that way, if you mess up, you don't blow 70 dollars off on a pair of shoes you won't even wear!
- if you're using a pair of shoes with laces, dye the laces and the shoes seperately (:

hope this helps girlss!(: ♥

ericaaaaa♥♥ @vivere-ridere-amore-xo
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