I love Usamimi or "bunny ear" headbands because I think they are so cute and fun to wear. It is a very big fashion in Asia, and here I will show you how to make your own! I made one about a week ago, and I love it!

What you will need: 
1. wire cutters
2. copper wire (22-26 gauge) 
3. cotton fabric 
4. fabric-matching thread
5. sewing machine
6. sewing scissors 
7. needle

What to do: 
1. take your chosen fabric and lay it out onto a flat work surface (make sure that the side of the fabric you want to be showing is facing up) The fabric needs to be long enough so that it fits comfortably around your head, and still has room to make the "bunny ears."
2. fold fabric over 1/2 longways (making a very long rectangle)
3. Set up your sewing machine, and sew along 5/8 from the edge where the 2 pieces pieces of fabric you folded over now meet.
4. When you are done stitching, cut any strings that are hanging.
5. turn the fabric inside out.
6. take your wire and cut the wire the same length as your headband.
7. Make a small loop at both ends of the wire, so that it does not poke through the fabric (when making the loop the wire should now be a little shorter than the length of the headband)
8. Begin to insert the wire through headband until it is completely inside 
9. To enclose the ends, you have a choice of either a "ladder stitch" http://quilttaffy.blogspot.com/2008/07/invisible-closing-seam-tutorial.html
or a "blanket stitch" http://sewing.about.com/od/beginner1/ss/blanketstitch.htm
But I prefer the ladder stitch. 
10. Once you have enclosed both ends, YOU ARE DONE! 

Here is a link on many ways you can wear your Usamimi headband in case you need some Ideas! (this is just a random video I found but I hope it helps!): 
MY personal favorite way to wear the usamimi headband is how she is wearing it in the photo in the set (:
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