Picture frame tray ♥
You’ll need;
• Smaller Picture frame 
• Piece of cardboard the size of the picture frame
• Ribbons, paint, flowers etc.
1. First, take your cardboard and paint it. Like in the set, I painted it hot pink, you can use fabrics, patterned paper or even ribbon
2. Next, take your picture frame and super glue it to the cardboard so the cardboard lays underneath the picture frame
3. Decorate with ribbons, flowers, bows, etc.
4. Place soaps, perfumes, body washes, etc on this!

Mirror Tray ♥
You’ll need;
• A small mirror with no edges and trim
• Lace trim
• Ribbons, bows, paint etc.

1. First, take the lace trim and paint it whatever color your want, leave it white if you want it to be more classy
2. Then, clean your mirror and super glue the lace around the edges.
3. Glue ribbon where the lace and the mirror meet
4. Decorate it as you wish (=

Shoe Box tray

You’ll need;
• Shoe box lid
• Wrapping paper
• Tape

1. First, cut the long side off of the side box
2. Then, completely cover the shoe box lid in wrapping paper (not the bottom)
3. Tape or glue the edges down
4. Decorate it if you want too! (=

That’s it! (= hope this helps you
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