This looks pretty cool, and I am currently trying this out. It takes a while though :P

What you need...
- 1 quart of water
- 1/2 cup of salt
- a container/ big bowl to keep it it
- a tee

1) Combine the slat and water into the bowl, then add the shirt. Make sure the whole shirt is wet.

2) Let it sit in the brine for 3 days. Don't do anything with it for 3 days. 

3) After that machine wash it by itself with a pinch of detergent, then tumble dry it in the dryer. (tumble dry means air dry with no heat)

I am currently on day one of letting soak into the brine. This is the long part. I used 1/3 cup of salt instead of a half since we are running low on salt. I might add the rest later. I also think I put too much water. I estimated rather than actually measuring it. So my result may vary. I hope its somewhat soft though. I used a simple gray tee from target. 
Im pretty sure its this one:

SO I did feel a difference, but it wasn't too significant, because I used the wrong proportions of salt and water, I washed it to early since my mom made me, and my shirt was also 40% polyester. SO when you do this make sure you shirt is 100% cotton and use the right amounts of salt and water! Honestly I screwed up, but this is something you guys should try!

peace, @amber-salvatore
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