hey everybody ! it's sheryl. 

today i have a fun do-it-yourself tip for you. it`s a how to make your very own wreck this journal. (: i'm sure you've heard about this before but if you haven't, it's a journal where you wreck it. 

instead of paying , idk about 10 dollars for it, why not make your very own under 2 dollars (; 

-Go to any Dollar Store near you and buy a composition book.


They should have about 200 pages in them. 


You can leave it like that and just write your name on it or you can decorate it, if you like. 

Ideas on Decorating: 
-Collage it
-Add stickers on it
-Add gems/ jewels on it, etc.

The Pages in the WRECK THIS JOURNAL:

-it did take me quite awhile to find all the pages on it but i actually found them :) 

| Section A |

- Front page
- Copyright
- This journal belongs to:
- Instructions
- Materials

| Section B | 

01. Add your own pagenumers

02. Crack the spine 

03. Leave this page blank on purpose

04-05 Stand here

06-07 Pour, spill, dripp, spit, fling your coffee here

08-09 Poke holes in this page using a pencil

10-11 Draw fat lines and thin

12-13 Hand prints

14-15 Color this entire page

16-17 Trow something

18-19 Press leaves and other found things

20-21 Scratch using a sharp object

22-23 Do some rubbings with a pencil

24-25 Scribble wildly, violently

26-27 Tear strips, Rip it up!

28-29 Glue, staple or tape these pages together

30-31 Draw lines while in motion

32-33 Fill these pages with circles

34-35 Document your diner

36-37 Chew on this

38-39 Make a funnel

40-41 Crumple

42-43 Make a paper airplane

44-45 Wrap something

46-47 Tongue painting

48-49 Write one word over and over

50-51 Tie a string, swing wildly

52-53 Pick up the journal without using your hands

54-55 Climb up high, drop the journal

56-57 Compost this page, watch it deteriorate

58-59 Do a really ugly drawing

60-61 Place sticky things here

62-63 Pretend you are doodling on the back of an 

envelope while on the phone

64-65 Journal golf

66-67 Make a paper chain

68-69 Collect fruit stickers here

70-71 Cover this page using only office supplies

72-73 Bring this book in the shower with you

74-75 Tie a string to the journal, go for a walk, drag it

76-77 Rub here with dirt

78-79 Test page

80-81 Drip something here

82-83 Sew this page

84-85 Glue a random page from a newspaper

86-78 a place for your grocery list

88-89 Collect the stamp off of all your mail

90-91 Trace the things in your bag

92-93 Color this page with white things

94-95 Scribble wildly using only borrowed pens

96-97 Make a sudden, destructive, unpredictable 
movement with the journal

98-99 Make a mess, clean it up

100-101 Doodle over top off: the cover, the title page, 

the instructions, the copyright page

102-103 Page of good thoughts

104-105 Make prints using an ink pad and cut 


106-107 Ask a friend to do something destructive to 

this page. Don’t look!

108-109 Write carelessly now

110-111 Glue random items here

112-113 Tear this page out, put it in your pocket, put it 

through the wash, stick it back in.

114-115 cut through several layer

116-117 Infuse this page with a smell of your 


118-119 Color outside of the lines

120-121 Connect the dots from memory

122-123 Hang the journal in a public place. Invite 

people to draw here

124-125 Collect your pocket lint

126-127 Trace your hand

128-129 Draw with glue

130-131 Sample various substances found your 


132-133 Document a boring event in detail

134-135 Create a drawing using a piece of your hair

136-137 Glue in a photo of yourself you dislike. 


138-139 Draw lines using abnormal writing utensils 

dipped in ink or paint

140-141 Fill in this page when you are really angry

142-143 Write or draw with your left right hand

144-145 Find a way to wear the journal

146-147 This page is a sign. What do you want it to 


148-149 Create a non stop line

150-151 Space for negative comments

152-153 Draw lines with your pen or pencil. Lick your 

finger and smear the lines

154-155 Lose this page

156-157 a page for four letter words

158-159 Give in a page from a magazine. Circle the 

words you like

160-161 Write with the pen in your mouth

162-163 Give away your favorite page

164-165 Write backwards

166-167 Document time passing

168-169 This space is dedicated to internal 


170-171 Scrub this page

172-173 Hide a secret message somewhere in this 


174-175 Sleep with the journal. Describe the 


176-177 Close the journal. Write/scribble something 

on the edges 

178-179 Write a list of more ways to wreck this 


180-181 Stain log

182-183 Doodle over top of this page

184-185 Are you ready for a new adventure

i found the pages on this website: 
credits: http://www.ikkeonline.nl/wreck-this-journal/

(: & there you have it ! 

btw; we are holding auditions, if you want to be a tip girl: 

hope you enjoy this set ! 

by: sheryl
link: @sunshine4ever 
tumblr: http://sherylxsee.tumblr.com/

xoxo. (:

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