prepare for a rant...

okay. so incase you haven't already heard, disney just bought the rights to star wars by buying lucasfilm.

disney also just stated that they will be releasing a star was episode 7 in the year 2015.

okay, there is just one too many things wrong with this on one too many levels.

first, i'm fine with disney owning star wars. they've already kinda owned part of it (or at least rented (?) it). i mean, i go to star wars weekend at hollywood studios every summer and it's great. 

and if they make a movie, i have no doubts that it will be /good/ at least special effects wise. i mean, look at the avengers. disney owns marvel and they did a fine job (granted, most of that is attributed to the mastermind genius known as joss whedon)

but it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth knowing that disney now owns all of it. i don't know...was george lucas feeling greedy? whatever. it's not my business.

now, what really bursts my bubble is the fact that disney now wants to make a star wars 7. first, that just screams 'we're a bunch of greedy as-holes who want to milk this franchise for all it's worth.'

honestly, the story ended in episode 6. all lose ends were tied. there is no need nor reason to continue the saga. in my eyes, the entire saga was the story of the rise and demise and eventual redemption of darth vader.

well, spoiler alert: darth vader dies. you can't continue this story. it'll just ruin it. it'll end up turning out like indiana jones 4 and we ALL know how that ended up, right? exactly.

what are they gonna do? continue the story with new actors as han, luke, and leia? no. i won't tolerate that. continue with the original actors as people in their 60's? no. what's the point of that? there's no darth vader. create a new story and saga? abso-freaking-lutely no. then it just wouldn't be star wars. it'd be some freaky space sci-fi movie rip-off of star wars.

so bottom line, star wars shouldn't have a sequel. it's perfect the way it is. and sorry about this mini-rant. i just feel very passionate about my beloved star wars and i've been defiant against any sequels since I was like 10 (because those rumors have been around for AGES).
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