i am dead.

also i am in austin, tx!
it's RAAAAAD here.

some loser alex tagged me.
so, here it goes.


a - available: yep!

b - birthday: octoba 5th

c - crushing on: justin young?
d - drink you last had: vanilla coke

e - easiest person to talk to: mah best frand 

f - favorite song: don't even get me started 
g - gummy bears or gummy worms: SOUR GUMMY WORMS

h - hometown: baltimore/annapolis 
i - in love with: arctic monkeys 
k - killed someone: ;)
l - longest car ride: i take a road trip every year so i'm used to drivin a lot but the longest was this one which was from maryland to texas... 1,300 miles and took 3 days. 24 hours total. 

m - milkshake flavor: a cafe in balitmore called the papermoon cafe has a bacon milkshake and i think that's funny
n - number of siblings: one sista! 
o - one wish: to work for a fashion magazine 
p - person that you called last: my friend josh
r - reason to smile: you're alive!
s - song you last sang: uuhhhhhh kids by mgmt at dinner i think

t - time you woke up: 8:45
u - underwear color: grey, i think
v - vegetable: broccoli

w - worst habit: sneezing 4 times, every time
x - x-rays you've had: wrist, ankle, knee, hand, teeth
y - years living where you live: 16 years
z - zodiac sign: libra
favorite animal: giraffes seem pretty rad
what color do you wear most?: black or yellow probably
least favorite color: highlighter green
what are you listening to: the air conditioner
can you whistle?: like a pro

do you believe in miracles?: totally
do you believe in magic?: i'd like to 
love at first sight?: well i'm certain that it happens all the time
do you believe in santa?: nope! i stopped in 7th grade, i think.
do you like roller coasters?: my family travels around to ride them
have you ever been on a plane?: I AM TERRIFIED but yes i have
have you ever been to the ocean?: awl da time
what was the last thing you bought?: a bowl ;)
what was the last thing on tv you watched?: downton abbey

do you cry when you get an injury?: not usually

do songs make you cry?: ohhh yah
are you a happy person?: outwardly 
what is your current hair color?: my roots are dark compared to the shade of brown i dyed it when i decided i didn't want it to be orange anymore so it's like a natural weird sort of ombre of my darks roots, chesnut brown hair, and orange
your eye color?: i have 2 different eyes, one brown and one green

short or long hair?: medium i guess
height?: 5'6

what to do:
fill out these questions and make a new set called 'abc about me quiz,' then tag 20 people. if i tagged you, you have to take this survey and re-post it, but only if you want! don't forget to tag me because I want to know more about you!

i don't feel like tagging people so if ya wanna do it, do it
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