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I was tagged by @chomiczynka in her Teen Top set http://www.polyvore.com/teen_top/set?id=95288703 to enter this cool contest:

1. Create a set inspired by Asian song you were tagged with.
2. Write in description what feeling the song gave you, what inspired you
3. Tag others
4. Enter your set to the contest in this group: http://www.polyvore.com/asian_cinema_music/group.show?id=77728

keke I'm so glad you chose 2ne1's Do you love me for me :)
I really like that song! It makes me wanna go out and have fun, even if it's raining or snowing :D
What I really like about the MV are those part where they are holding flares (I search the word on google, not sure if it's correct :/), so I got inspired by those :)

Another tag! :D
I was tagged by @followmiiin in her kris set here http://www.polyvore.com/like_78_kris/set?id=92188132

1 - What occupies most of your time? Now it's the beach, computer, TV and sleeping :)

2 - If I could change one thing about you what would you change? hmm... Bigger boobies? hahahahaha XD No. I'd like to be more confident

3 - If you were a millionaire would buy in the first place? Balmain leather jacket for sure :D

4 - Something to remember your childhood? Hospitals, Ballet, my grandparents, music... a lot of things

5 - A song that you would like to touch on your wedding? Difficult one! I'm not sure :/

6 - What k-idol you would like to be for a day and why? Park Bom! I'd love to have her amazing voice and wear her clothes :D Also because I would hang out with the other 2ne1 members ^^

7 - Which group would you like to join? I would create a new fierce group! yaaay!

8 - If you had a lamp with a genie and have opportunity to make three requests, what would you do?
1. Peace
2. Equality
3. Another genie lamp

9 - What k-music you do not like and why?
I don't like those cute girl groups because I simple don't like how the music sounds :/
10 - What k-idol you would like to have the identical hair? http://www.polyvore.com/song_hye_kyo/set?id=94632575 This is @blackjacklove21 set! I love how her hair looks there ~
11 - What k-idol you like to date and why?
Lee Kikwang or Yoo Youngjae. They are so nice and cute, I really like that they are so funny and take a lot of care of their group members and 
fans ♥ (Plus lee kikwang is extraordinarily hot)

And.... that's it! :D
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