It Takes Awhile To Settle Down My Shivered Bones, Wait Till The Panic's Out

- Terrible Love (Birdy)
Full Name- Edison Riley
Age- 16
Hometown- Seattle, WA
Short Biography- Being the unexpected child of a young college girl who got a bit too involved with a mysterious drifter, it wasn't a surprise that the moment her child was born, he was left to a crumby orphanage with too many children already. Named after the oddly distinct birthmark upon his left shoulder in the shape of a light bulb, Edison was the victim of most tauntings in the orphanage he grew up in. With his kinder, more thoughtful personality as a child, he wasn't cut out for the rough life within the "system." He grew up with little to no friends and was crippling scared of tight, crowded spaces, due to a childhood incident that involved another kid locking him up in an empty toy chest for almost a whole day. When he was 13, a kind, young artistic couple adopted him. For a year, life was what Edison always dreamed of; a family, real friends, everything. Unfortunately, his life would never be that fair. While traveling to the European countryside for a week while he stayed home, they went missing for two weeks, and later found dead after their bodies were found in a nearby lake, stabbed to death. Edison went back to being an orphan, living with his adoptive father's brother, and then he began to spiral out of control. He wouldn't be able to sleep, eat, or even think. He'd lock himself in his room for days without speaking to anyone. A surprisingly vicious side tore out from him, getting into countless fights. He only just started to get a handle on himself when he was sent to Crest Academy, hoping to better himself.
Personality- Soft-speaking, joking, naturally kindhearted Edison makes many wonder why he turned into such a bad kid. He is adventurous and brave at heart, always liking to make friends rather than enemies. He seems like an all around good guy with an easy going nature and a likable attitude. Alone with his thoughts for most of his life, he has gentle, kind voice. However, this melodic, smooth tone can turn icy, sharp, and dangerous when he gets angry or frustrated. Even when he is sad, he has a hard time letting people comfort him. This darker side of Edison has been permanently etched into his persona ever since his parents died and is the reason he is at Crest Academy in the first place. Overall, though, Edison is a well kept, sweet boy
Appearance- Lucas Mascarini / With honey brown hair and light brown eyes flecked with dark green, Edison is a good-looking kid. Standing at 6"2, complete with lanky limbs rather than thick ones, he has a sort of bookish look to him. He is quite pale, growing up in Washington, and his hair is often in slightly wavy tufts that look a bit on the messy side.
Emilia Riley - 28 - deceased
Ian Riley - 30 - deceased
- His major fear of small spaces and crowded rooms.
Reasons for coming to Crest- Fighting and injuring several kids, behavioral issues, etc.
Desired House- Acerbus
Roleplay Sample-
Edison had no interest in reading. Not today. He had no interest in listening to music. Not now. He paced his bedroom, fists tightly clenched. Memories of Emilia's and Ian's bodies surfaced in his mind. It was like a trigger. Whenever he was angry, or upset, or anything of the sort, their faces would emerge in his mind, taunting him of their death. His fist slammed into the wall, trying to block out the feelings with physical pain. It did the trick, like it usually did. It didn't matter. Tomorrow he'd be leaving for Crest Academy. It would go downhill from there, he was sure.


Wrote two years ago
yesss i'm on right now!

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@kittycat-111 yes yes that would be great. (kinda gettin bored over here a little bit too) let's do that.

Wrote two years ago
can i shoot my idea?
i was thinking that maybe soyre keeps glancing at him at the masquerade, more than she realized, which catches his attention?? idk maybe something across those lines aha c:

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@kittycat-111 yes yes yes i will make this happen. they shall become besties. i swear it.
i know! he's, like, one of my favorite models. i use him a lot. {。◠‿◠。}

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edison and soyre must be friends!!! pretty please

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the model for edison is sosoososoossooooo cute omg


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