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+Breaking by Anberlin
This layout is inspired by @luxecouture. I am so sorry that I butchered it so badly.

+Monday, May 28th: Ah, it’s just so much fun being at the school at six in the morning, isn’t it? We’ll be getting on the buses to get to the camp. When we get there everyone will be divided up into cabins and assigned a chaperone. We’ll be having a campfire tonight with s’mores. 

“This should be… interesting, don’t you think?” Elle glanced at me. We were standing outside waiting for the buses to get to the school. Elle was smoking a cigarette; I’m surprised that the teachers didn’t reprimand her for smoking on campus.

“I’m just dreading the fact that I have to spend an entire weekend with all of you,” Alexa groaned and everyone rolled their eyes. Alexa was cool, yes, but she could be a total b-tch. I chuckled a little bit, ignoring her comment.

Just then, I received a text message from Charlie. ‘I’ll miss you this weekend.’ I grinned like a little school girl. ‘You’re too sweet.’ I wrote back.

“Who are you talking to that makes you look that ridiculous?” Chantal asked. It was funny, really; I could have seen her fooling around with a politician, too, but maybe that was just me being mean. 

I shook my head, bringing my cell phone closer to my chest, fearful of anyone getting ahold of these text messages. That’s why we barely ever sent text messages back and forth, because you could track the cell phones. It was a very risky business, yes, but one that I was willing to take. 

“Alright, everyone, let’s get on the bus!” One of the teachers shouted just as the bus turned the corner and pulled into the school parking lot. There were a few excited shouts, a groan from Alexa, but other than that, everyone was far too tired to be excited just yet.

Once we got on the bus, I sat next to Dylan. I had to admit that she really was a cool person; I wished that we could have been in a cabin together. I was bunking with Amy, Cordelia and Naomi, all who were nice, but I had never really talked to them much before. Then I thought: maybe this way I could get to know them better. I was all for making new friends.

“Ingrid,” I heard my name being called and looked behind me. In the seat behind me was Kalynn and Tabby. Tabby was the one who was calling me. “Ingrid, I LOVE your dress!”

I looked down to the navy blue, lace dress that I was wearing. I smiled to myself, proud. I was always one to have a good sense of fashion, and I took pride in the fact that other people noticed my clothing. “Thank you,” I grinned. 

Just then, I got another text message. I opened it: ‘We should get together when you get home.’ My face blushed with excitement. We hadn’t been able to get together in weeks because of his campaign. When you were fooling around with a politician, it wasn’t exactly easy to get together.

‘I would love that.’ I sent back to him. “Now just WHO are you talking to, Miss Ingrid?” I looked over at Dylan who was trying to peek over my shoulder at my messages. I closed my inbox and shoved my phone back into my pocket. 

“Oh, um,” I stuttered, searching for words to satisfy her. “It’s just my sister. She’s planning a visit soon.”

“Awesome! Where does she live? Is she in college?” Dylan asked me, and instead of focusing on who I was really texting, we dived into a conversation about my sister and college and traveling and family and before I knew it, the ride was over and we had made it to the camp. I could easily say that I really liked Dylan, and I was looking forward to talking to her more often.

“I’ll see you later,” I said as we walked off to our separate cabins. I looked all around, searching for the Beech cabin but I couldn’t see it anywhere.

“Do you know where the Fern cabin is?” I turned to see a girl who I vaguely recognized (Alex) standing in front of me.

“I’m sorry, I don’t. Do you happen to know where the Beech cabin is, by any chance?” I asked, hopeful that in her search, she had found my cabin. 

Just then, I ran into Naomi who was with Beatrix and Myra. “Naomi!” I exclaimed, happy to have finally found one of my cabin-mates. I had a few classes with Naomi, so I knew who she was, but we hadn’t really ever talked. “Hi, I’ve been looking for you guys. Do you know where our cabin is?”

She pointed me in the direction of the cabin. I slung my bag over my shoulder and made my way. When I got there, I pushed open the screen door. I could hear voices inside; who I assumed was Cordelia and Amy. When I walked in, they stopped talking. 

My face flushed, feeling embarrassed that they were talking about me. Just then, I put my hand to my jeans pocket. The place where my cell phone was supposed to be was empty. I had lost my cell phone. I had lost the cell phone full of text messages between me and Charlie Rhodes, a politician who I was sleeping with. 

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