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Firework // Katy Perry
Nadia Wang {SDF}
Just to let you guys know, I'm not feeling really inspired with Belle. Every time I play her, there's always someone saying that she's Acacia's shadow and that was never the point of Belle. It's not anyone's fault, but she's just not being very fun to play. I mean, I know she's Acacia's best-friend and everything, but just because her character isn't as tough as Acacia doesn't mean she's her child or something. I know it's the whole point of drama, and I /really/ don't want to sound bratty or anything, but It's just not being fun to play. I'm not going to drop Belle now, but I might if I still don't like playing her. You guys can obviously be a b*tch to her if you want, hahah, but It's always the same insult over and over again. Just wanted to let you know.
Oh, and please reserve events! November 19, 20, and 21 are all free.
November 16: It's time to hit the stores, HB and Doll style. Which means coming out of the stores with too many bags, that strain those skinny tanned arms. Until later at night, when we are all invited to a Chanel fashion show. Put on that Chanel No.8 and cross your fingers your in the first row. All the cameras will be pointed at you.
Skipping to the Chanel show. I don't feel like writing about drama at the moment. 

Well, of course I was in the front row. No one doubts that. I was always next to some celebrity, and like Rachel Zoe. 

I sat down on one of the white seats, but first picked up my little gift-bag. Probably some small Chanel bag, with a bottle of their perfume. 
Setting it to the side, and putting my Givenchy bag down, I scanned the crowd. Most girls were dressed in Chanel. How tacky. You never dress up in the designers clothing, it's just too stupid. And others were sifting through their gift-bags. God! These girls are just a bunch of wannabes and losers. You never do that either. I should really start a club where I teach girls how to actually look good in public. 

Belle and Acacia gave me a smile from across the platform. Well, Belle did and Acacia gave me some sort of smirk. I blew them a quick kiss, before I turned away to look for the fellow HB's and Dolls.

I think I saw Labella in the 3rd row, Hah. Her poor a*s probably couldn't afford to be up here. Or was it some blond. Oh whatever, it would end up on page 6 anyway.

I sat back, and waited for this d*mn show to start. How hard is it to throw clothing on a skinny anorexic model, and shove them on the cat-walk? I could model all the clothing in half the time...

Finally, the lights dimmed and the show began. Models strutted down the runway, hands on their hips or by their sides. The clothing was stunning, but that really wasn't a surprise. It was Chanel, for God's sake!

Before I knew it, the show was over. Champagne was passed out to the best guests, and the rest were sent to leave. Models stood around with their clothing, while bids were put on slips of paper.

I pursed my lips. This was getting boring already. I drained my glass, set it on some table and walked out.

I had better things to do.

xo, Nadia Wang.
Sorry for the pointless story. Not in the mood to write a long one...
Now, I gotta' go do Spanish homework. Fun.
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