For BOTHR, the Pikachus (yay!) had to make a yellow fashion set with accents of blue, and base it off the song Yellow//Coldplay, without any pictures of stars.
I think I like this, just not the fillers.
For TDWOSAV, I've started to write the story, and it went great in my mind... until I realized that it had to be mainly about the trees. Uh oh. So I'm probably going to try and finish the first story tonight and see if I can put more trees in there. And if not, then, I suppose I'll start a new story. 
The story (just a sneak peak) is a bit of a fluff, based somewhat on real life... it's completely fiction, but I based it off of people in real life, and technically, it could actually happen in my life. Dedicated to my best friend, Miranda.
Also, on Wednesday and Thursday are my cousins' birthdays, so I'm making a birthday set for one of them. And on Wednesday is the birthday of someone on Polyvore as well... not me, but just someone. So I'm trying to see if I can make that set as well.
Tis a shame, I finished seasons 3 and 4 of Hetalia, and they don't have a season 5 out, so I probably either have to go back and rewatch them or start watching more Fruits Basket (which is a bit too... girly, so far? I don't know, it just lacks something, but it's okay). Today, I made my mom watch the first episode of Hetalia, where Italy is like "PAAAAASSSSTTTAAAA!!!!!!" and hopefully, I'm going to make her and my dad watch the 7th episode later tonight, where Romano is like, "Shut up, you potato eating bastard," and "MOUSTASHE! Oh, you look-a very stupid with your big, bushy moostashe, like some hipster at high school party!" 
Speaking of which, I need to post a picture of me and my mustache for Breanne. With a sign above my head with the following quote.
South Italy is the best lol.
We're to have guests later tonight, but they're late, so I guess it's just us for a while. Next week is the Lunar New Year, or Tet, in Vietnam, and we're having a bit of a party with some of my parents' friends. And, of course, I'll be holing up, trying to avoid everyone. And after that are the midterms... ugh.
I have to deal with Rachel tomorrow, and after what happened at lunch on Friday, I don't want to, but at this point, I don't care anymore. I need to set some boundaries.
On a random note, I put new music on Pandora, and I'm really happy.
I had a really freaky dream last night.
I already told @all-we-believe-in, so I'm just gonna copy and paste what I typed.
Okay, so, in my dream, I TELEPORTED TO THE FUTURE. Like, 3 years into the future, where it was the day before the first day of school, senior year. I was at my locker with some other people, putting our stuff into our lockers, and all of the lockers were open. Some of them had old schedules in them, so I kept pulling them out and showing them to my friends and reading them. Then, I found my locker, but I turned around, and this really nice Korean kid, Derek (who always says hi to me and is just extremely nice and respectful) was behind me, and then I asked him to give me a hug*. And then he actually gave me a hug, and it was a really nice hug, one of those safe, secure hugs you get from someone taller than you. 
I went to the freshman/sophomore hall office with my best friend, Matt, and we were looking at the time, which was 11:43 in the morning. I had no idea what day it was, so I asked him, and then he kept moving the minute and second hands to try and figure the date out (because there wasn't any calendar and because my dreams are just messed up), but he finally said he had no idea. I got up on a wheelie chair and fixed the time, and then I asked HIM to give me a hug* and he gave me a hug! Kinda like the one he gave me on Wednesday. 
And then, I was transported to the gym, where everyone was playing basketball, kind of. Suddenly, I developed the ability to climb up on the padded walls and then I kicked off the walls (like you do in swimming), and I started flying! I glided from one end to the other, and then I did it again, but closer to the ground. Someone dared me to do it again, since they didn't see me, but I skidded to the ground halfway through. Then, I took a basketball, and shot it, and there was another small hoop under the big one, and I made both of them! 
After that, I was teleported to this small rural town with dirt roads. On the corner, there were 2 grocery stores, across the street from each other. I was pushing my little sister in a stroller for some reason, and I went into the left-hand store, and I was working, but then I got sent to the other store. I was shelving things, and then I had to go home. I asked my employer for a hug* (and I can't remember his face, but he was cute-about my age or a few years older), and he hugged me! But I could feel some tickling on my forehead, and it turns out that he was kissing my head (!!!!!!) and I could feel the warm breath (this is getting weird now). I was kind of weirded out, but I think I liked it... in either case, I didn't pull out of the hug. Then, we stopped hugging and he kissed me on the cheek and then I pushed my sister out on the stroller, onto the dirt roads. I was going to try to walk home, but I found that it was a highway, so I had to call my parents. I told my sister to not tell them about what happened. 
The next day (in my dream), I went back, and I found my employer and the other workers looking in their shoes for a chicken, and he told me that my cat** went missing as well (I don't have a cat in real life), so we went into this chicken coop across the street and the farmer pulled out the chicken and cat, and then my sister and I were petting the cat. But then I woke up. 

*well, I think that the asking for a hug part was influenced by me getting a hug from Matt in real life **the cat part was probably because when I stayed at Miranda's house, and her cat kept snuggling up to me the entire night

Well, hasta la pasta, folks!
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