22.09.2013 - Happy Election Sunday! Okay, I'm not authorized to elect yet, but whatever.
So I promised you to tell you a little bit about Italy.
Guys, it was such an amazing time!
After our 22 hour bus trip I was totally surprised by the temperatures, even though I knew it would get hot. But well, I was coming from already colder getting germany so you can't blame me for that.
You know the phrase "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas"? Well, we should call it "What happens in Italy, stays in Italy", because there happened a lot of stuff which I'm probably not aloud to tell, but I give you a little something: We were thrown out of a pub. Twice. Thank god I wasn't there when it happened both times, but even hearing all the storys was...it was very tough.
The first time we were celebrating a birthday so you can't blame us for singing lots of birthday songs.
The second time I stayed at our Casa. For a good reason.
On the 5th of september I needed to go to see a doctor, because I had a few mosquito bites, which were looking really bad. Four on my left ankle and one on my right hand. Diagnosis: Tiger mosquito bite. I had kind of like an allergic reaction and if I wouldn't have gone to the doctor and wouldn't have gotten my medicine, it could've been very possible for me to get some kind of tropical disease. So I needed to take antibiotic for one week, which made me act very weird, and put a salve on the bites and disinfect it every day. My foot was like so swollen, I couldn't go very far. But now everything is fine again and I'm alright, so don't worry :-) This is something so typical Lena, I knew that something would happen to me :D
Oh and when I went to see the doctor we were first at the wrong building, which was a rest home. It happend that I stumbled a lot in Italy (I never stumbled that often in my life) and when we were going up the stairs, yes, I stumbled. And you know what? All the old ladies and gentlemen sitting outside and seing that little misfortune of mine were laughing at me like they were seing the best comedy of their intire life. That wasn't really my greatest moment!
But besides that everything was great, I was thrown into the pool, made a cube sculpture and was just enjoying the sun and spending time with my class to which I feel closer than ever.
You don't expect rain.
It rained.
Like crazy.
There was a big thunderstorm.
And who was running through exactly this rain and thunderstorm?
Yup. Exactly. Le me.
I mean it was fun dancing and running through this rain, but the next day wasn't that much fun, because I was sneezing like crazy and had a horrible headache of which we don't want to talk about :D 
But all in all Florence was so damn amazing and I saw a lot of stylish people and stores like Burberry, Gucci, Prada, Céline, Miu Miu, etc. (and felt too poor to go inside) and culture (Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze, San Marco, Santa Maria del Fiore on which cupola and belltower we were, Battistero di San Giovanni, Uffizi Gallery, San Miniato al Monte, Ponte Vecchio, ...) and I'm sooooo thankful I could see this beautiful town and I love my class, even if there's always somebody you can't stand and we all want to go back and yeah, see a few pictures here: http://lenalika.tumblr.com/tagged/Italy2013

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